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Professional Courses

1. Analysing and Modelling Spatially-referenced Data using SAS (5 Days)

More than 80% of all data maintained by organisations around the world has a location component – consumers purchase products at stores located in specific places, populations grow and decline in relative proximity to core economies, crimes are committed at a location, unemployment is tracked by city or county, the location of hazardous waste sites occur in some spatial proximity to human populations, disease and death are distributed unevenly across space, and children are admitted to schools within their neighborhood – but conventional statistical procedures of data analysis do not make use of this important information. Thus, this course aims to give you advanced training on how to fully utilise spatially-referenced data using spatial statistical and spatial econometrical analysis techniques using SAS.

2. Interactive Visual Analytics: JMP Methods and Approaches (3 days)

Exploring visual representations of data interactively to help us think about information and to find meaning in it, and using well designed dashboards to communicate meaningful patterns, trends, and exceptions in the data to those who need that knowledge to make informed decisions, is increasingly becoming an important skill for business practitioners and researchers in this information age. This course aims to teach a methodology that makes interactive visualisation central to the process of abstracting knowledge from business data using JMP.


Last updated on 19 Oct 2015 .